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Personal health care

You have immediate help by licensed health professionals that come to you 7 days a week from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

24 Hour Call Center

Solutions center to answer any questions and provide guidance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week attended by trained and qualified nurses.

0800-025-8979 – Brazil


Avoid taking your kids to the hospital ER or clinic. Receive pediatric care at home supported by a Board certified pediatrician

Video Conference

A medical specialist will support every consultation through videoconference using the latest technology that includes safeguards from a HIPAA compliant secure host

Health Testing

Private, in-home lab testing, including blood and urine tests, health risk assessments, and mobile digital vision testing.


After the consultation you will receive a copy of your prescription for medication, additional diagnostic testing or a physician-directed treatment if necessary.

Drug Delivery

Our professionals are trained to assist you in purchasing and delivery of medication from accredited drug stores directly to you.

Mobile Monitoring

We also have the best technology available to monitor the patient.

Quality Health Care, State-of-the-art technology wherever you want

Download the app to get access to quality care, performed by medical experts and qualified health professionals. All this in the comfort of your home!

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If you have an Emergency, please call 193 in Brazil or call 911 in the U.S.



On Demand
  • More than 50% off in the first visit

  • Home care by a health professional and a medical specialist through videoconference
  • Full diagnosis of conditions that are covered by amedico
  • Exams such as STD, Metabolic, Cardiologic, HIV, Drugs etc.
  • Discount of more than 50% for services with a health professional and a doctor specialist through videoconference

  • Discount of more than 20% on exams
    such as STD, Metabolic, Cardiological,
    HIV, Drugs etc.
  • Full diagnosis of conditions that are covered by Amedico
  • Up to 5 people registered
  • Access to all companion health and wellness apps in the Member Services patient portal
  • Consultation by a health professional, and private in-home lab testing

  • Flexible scheduling, no in-lab wait times
  • Complete availability of exams such as STD, Metabolic, Cardiology, HIV, Drugs etc.
  • exams and prices

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Whatsapp: (11) 95040-8979

(11) 95040-8979


Central de atendimento 24H: 0800 025 8979

0800 025 8979